Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aishwarya rai real nude boobs pic

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Sherlyn posts her nude picture on Twitter

It's up there and it's for all to see. Sherlyn Chopra has put up a picture of herself on twitter that has the masses talking about it non-stop and why not. A bare all picture of Sherlyn Chopra is talk of the twitter town. This picture, taken by Vishal Saxena, who is a friend of Sherlyn and an acclaimed fashion and celebrity photographer in his own right, see's the lady baring it all for the camera.

When asked why she put that picture up for all to see, Sherlyn says "I saw the picture in my collection and thought I should share it with my friends and followers on twitter." The picture received a lot of comments, obviously, some favourable and some unfavourable yet others that brimmed on vulgarity. On the number of comments she received Sherlyn says "The feedback on my picture has been great. Some do find it distasteful. To them I would like to say - to each it's own." That's a devil may care attitude Sherlyn is known for.

"My best friend shot this pic last week.Itz a raw file.I personally feel it needs no air-brushing", is the comment she left on Twitter